North West Model Engineers Society

First and Third Sundays are their normal running days.

 The site is located 3km east of Ulverstone at Maskells Reserve,

 which is along side the TasRail main line, just past Clayton’s Rivulet and Camp Clayton .

It is also10 km past the Don River Railway at Devonport.

Devonport is 100km from Launceston on the North West Coast .



Track number one is raised - 5” and 3 ½” and is 137 metres long (450 feet).  

Track number two is small ground level 5” and  7 ¼” dual gauge and is 152 metres long (500 feet).  

Track number three is large ground level 5” and 7 ¼” dual gauge and is 670 metres long (2200 feet).  

There is a traverser and steaming bays for 12 locomotives plus loading and unloading facilities.  

The buildings consist of a shed/station and carriage shed plus toilets.




Secretary – Miles Ponsonby, 03 64253675

51 Alexandra Road , ULVERSTONE    7315